Relaxation & Stress Management one-to-one courses in Wimbledon, London

Deep Relaxation & effective Stress Management

Stress is an inescapable part of modern life. A certain amount of stress is healthy and productive. It is when the demands on us regularly exceed our ability to cope comfortably that stress can become a problem and start to affect both our quality of life and sometimes our health. Sadly this is a situation in which most of us find ourselves at some point in our lives.

My one-to-one course on Relaxation & Stress Management is designed to give you the tools and information you need to manage the stresses in your life and thus relax more effectively. Whilst the techniques and information covered in the course are well researched; they are also things which have worked for me at stressful or difficult periods in my life, many of which I continue to use today.

The course covers the Relaxation Response (a simple, effective and well-researched relaxation technique) and various breathing and other techniques which help combat stress and promote relaxation. You will receive instructions in these techniques, together with the opportunity to practise them plus ongoing support during the course and afterwards.

The course includes information from both a qualified Nutritionist and a Personal Trainer on how nutrition and exercise can help with stress management.

We also look at the causes of stress and explore together whether a few small changes to your lifestyle might significantly reduce the stress in your life.

Course details:

The course consists of four sessions of approx 1 hour. Sessions are arranged weekly or at longer intervals to suit each individual at a time convenient to you. Group sessions can be fixed by arrangement.

Course Fee:

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